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What is Radio-TV Interview
Report (RTIR)?

Radio-TV Interview Report: The Magazine Producers Read to Find Guests (RTIR) is a trade publication that goes to over 4,000 radio/TV producers across the United States and Canada. RTIR is published three times each month. Each issue lists 100-150 authors and other spokespeople available for live and in-studio interviews. Each guest's ad includes a contact person and phone number so interested radio/TV producers can get in touch to arrange interviews. Guests are willing to do interviews free-of-charge because they are typically promoting a book, product or cause.

This web site allows you to search for guests who have appeared in recent issues of RTIR.

How to Subscribe to 
Radio-TV Interview Report

Radio-TV Interview Report (RTIR) magazine is available free-of-charge to qualified radio/TV producers.

To start your free subscription, simply FAX a request on your station letterhead to 610-284-3704. Include your name, title, show name and mailing address. If you'd also like to receive our new email edition, include your email as well.

Questions? Email us at: Circ@rtir.com

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